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I am writing a paper on court dwarfs in art so I figured I’d share some of my research. What we have here is Archduchess Isabella and her attendant dwarf, Magdalena Ruiz. Philip II refers to Ruiz in a letter written to his daughters, “I do not think Magdalena is so angry with me, but she has been sick for some days, and has taken a laxative and remains in a very bad mood. Yesterday she came here and looked very spiritless, and thin and old and deaf and half-senile. I think it is all from drinking…


Alonso Sánchez Coello

Portrait of Isabel Clara Eugenia and Magdalena Ruiz, c.1586

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    alonso sanchez coello - portrait of isabel clara eugenia and magdalena ruiz, her attendant dwarf, ca. 1586
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    maymun yiyelim, ete para vermeyelim by goethe
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    Alonso Sánchez Coello, Portrait of Isabel Clara Eugenia and Magdalena Ruiz, ca. 1586.
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